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Intelligent knowledge sharing for teams

Pilotship keeps everyone on the same page by automatically sharing important updates about your customers, projects, and employees.

Company-wide information hub

Works with all the services your team already uses
Builds a single view the whole team can access
Uncovers interesting stories and important milestones

Promote an open and engaged culture

Employees’ top requests to management are communication of company priorities, and recognition for their hard work.
Organizational silos are one of the greatest challenges to businesses of all sizes. Pilotship cuts across data systems and reporting lines.
As much as 40% of working hours are spent either reporting progress or in status meetings. Pilotship eliminates expensive overhead.

Pilotship connects to everything

Choose from hundreds of integrations or build your own with our API

Get started today

Free to start, easy to set up, no credit card required
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